220 copies
21 x 15 cm, 136 pages
Lan­guage : French
Book desi­gn by Emma­nuelle Leblanc
Edi­ted by Pleonasm_Hauteurs d’ex­po­si­tions
Print Copy Media
Sup­por­ted by Ins­ti­tut Français/Mairie de Bor­deaux
and Ecole Supé­rieure d’Arts Appli­qués d’A­qui­taine
ISBN 978 – 2‑9 5522836 – 0‑8

This cata­log was edi­ted in the occa­sion of the exhi­bi­tion (phos­phene), in Mai­son d’Odile Repolt & Fran­çois Huet, Brus­sels, cura­ted by Michèle Ros­si­gnol et Emma­nuelle Leblanc.