•collections (p)réservées

col­lec­tions (p)réservées, 2006

1000 copies
21 x 21 cm, 138 pages
Lan­guage : French
Book desi­gn by Camille Bala­di, Cathe­rine Guilhou
Edi­ted by Archives muni­ci­pales de Toulouse
Print by Les Par­che­mins du Midi, Toulouse
Sup­por­ted by City of Toulouse
ISBN 2 – 9513479‑9 – 5

This book was publi­shed in the occa­sion of the exhi­bi­tion col­lec­tions (p)réservées, at The Archives muni­ci­pales de Tou­louse, cura­ted by Fran­çois Bordes, Direc­tor of The Archives municipales.
During one year, Chan­tal Vey went to dis­co­ver the reserves of His­to­ri­cal Museums and Libra­ries in the city. There she took pic­tures to consti­tute a sub­jec­tive memo­ry of these “secrets places”.